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Telcodata, a trusted name in Telecom and Broadband consulting for over 30 Years!

Who We Are

Telcodata information and consulting services has been internationally recognized for its timely, reliable and comprehensive Telecom Research for over thirty years.  Our core strength is Telcodata’s Warehouse of telecom information and team of industry, academic and data scientists managed by Arthur Menko.  The Telcodata Warehouse is stocked with public and proprietary marketing, infrastructure, competitive, demographic and financial metrics.

The Telcodata team finds and integrates the best secondary and customer data and uses rigorous quantitative methods to produce research results that work. We are skilled in finding and combining rich secondary telecom, economic and demographic sources and assembling them into huge databases that answer marketing, operations and policy questions.  We have to know our data because we’ve been producing meaningful reports, forecasts and research for executives and policy leaders for over thirty years.

With knowledge of telecom carriers’ infrastructure and markets, Telcodata provides regulatory and policy research to the largest telcos on competitive matters.  Our consultants provide testimony on telecom cost and competition before the FCC and State authorities.  We have directed various public policy projects showing the economic benefits from increased telecom and video competition and provide analysis demonstrating competitive telecom infrastructure in local markets.

Our long term client relationships, some for over thirty years, is based on consistently producing reliable and innovative research and being first with the telecom and broadband facts.