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The Re-Port Card

Wireless and fixed ports and churn that reveals competitive switching results

The Re-Port Card is the first to report
competitive mobile and fixed telecom switching behavior.

The Re-Port Card A+ Advantage

  • 1st to Re-Port on mobile and fixed switching results
  • The information edge months ahead of the competition!
  • It’s a full census of all port switching behavior in the US and Canada
  • Mobile, cable and telco churn details with three year trends
  • We can help you produce original telecom research

Monitor the Pulse of Telecom Competition

The Re-Port Card Grades Telecom Competitors

The Re-Port Card is the best and most immediate window on Mobile and Fixed competition today!  It’s a census of all port switching behavior, not an expensive survey or black-box model!

Every Sunday our team analyzes over 750,000 ports identified that left one carrier for another in the US and Canada and summarizes that competitive intelligence.  The Re-Port Card grades mobile and fixed carriers with the newest and most sensitive churn outcomes along with 3 years of their history. The best informed marketing executives and investment professionals rely on the Re-Port Card for reliable and comparative performance metrics months ahead of their rivals.

  • Mobile switching behavior: How many left T-Mobile for Sprint last month?
  • Switchers from Verizon POTS to Comcast and back to FiOS
  • Churn by Provider at the local, state or national level
  • Wireless and VoIP substitution
  • Porting results in just days after the end of the month
  • Performance benchmarks against peers
  • Impact from new competitor promotions

The Re-Port Card is a cost-effective Executive subscription service and a customizable business intelligence solution adapted to meet your competitive data mining needs.

The Re-Port Card asks…

How did Sprint perform against T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T last month?

The Re-Port Card Reports Months before Public Disclosure

The Re-Port Card reveals reliable and comparative performance metrics months before the news!

Shown below are Sprint’s 12 Month Porting Ratios against its chief Wireless rivals, illustrating Sprint’s improvement against Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile in the last quarter. Porting Ratios in excess of 1.0 indicate that recently Sprint is gaining relatively more Ports than it’s losing to Verizon, but on the contrary losing more Ports than it’s winning from AT&T and T-Mobile.

Made available January 2nd, 2017, just 2 days after the end of the year!

Where has Sprint performed best against Verizon?

Where is Charter capturing most of CenturyLink's market?

How many cable customers are switching to U-verse voice?

Executive Carrier List

The Re-Port Card is updated weekly, monthly and quarterly. There are thousands of telephone entities that we mine but the Executive Re-Port Card focuses on the major US and Canadian companies responsible for 85% of the churn. The Re-Port Card is the best platform to monitor your competitors, Benchmark against your Peers, and get answers on telecom competition today.

The Re-Port Card Competitive Switching Metrics

Customizing the Re-Port Card

Although the Executive Re-Port Card is a great platform to monitor the current nationwide competitive effectiveness of the top carriers, let our big-data experts take deep dives into the data to customize your research.

  • Switching behavior at the state and local levels
  • Examine switching activity on 2,400 other competitive providers
  • Assess daily and weekly impact of promotion and product announcements
  • Organize competitive switching dynamics to suit your needs