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Broadband Deployment Locations, Speed and Technology Tools and Reports

CensusNBM provides you with the newest broadband information,
powerful tools, reports and free consulting support.

CensusNBM Overview

CensusNBM  starts with gigabytes of data from each Internet Provider and turns it into the most up-to-date Fixed and Wireless Broadband intelligence. We merge rich local proprietary and government marketing metrics with updated broadband availability, technology deployment and speed measures every six months.

CensusNBM mines granular intelligence for marketing and policy purposes in a web-based Analyst-Ready tool.  Search and aggregate Broadband intel instantly with demographic and business data at the National, State, County, CBSA and town level or zoomed down to the Census Block tier by Internet Provider.

Drill-down and instantly discover:

  • Overlapping competitive provider footprints
  • Up and download speeds for every Internet Provider
  • Mobile, Cable, Fiber, DSL, WISP & Satellite deployment
  • Population, households & homes passed that lack broadband
  • Firms and employees with high speed access
  • Competitor location, speeds offered & technology threat
  • Trends in State and National Rural Broadband Availability

One Trusted Source

One Source for Marketing and Policy Executives

First in Research

Most Up-to-Date Local and National Broadband Facts and Trends on every Internet Provider

Competitive Intelligence

Discover the Competitors in your Footprint

Our Interactive Dashboards

Technology and Speeds Available in Rural & Urban Areas

Mapping Availability at Multiple Speeds in Rural & Urban Areas

Homes Passed with Multiple LTE Providers by State



Broadband Providers by Congressional District

The CensusNBM Reports

View our Library of Statistical Tables & Charts on State and National Broadband Deployment.  Results are published months before the FCC or anyone in the Industry!

Tools & Reporting

Use our powerful web-based tools and timely reports


The CensusNBM Web-Based Analyst Tool

  • Search by Provider Type – Mobile, ILEC, Cable, CLEC, WISP, Satellite
  • Screen by Provider, technology or speed
  • Set any broadband up/download speed
  • Append demographics and geography
  • Find competitive overlapping footprint and size the threat
  • Zoom from census block to town, CBSA, state or nation

Your analyst-ready solution cost effectively provides immediate broadband competitive and policy insights.

Market Size

Size the Residential or Business Broadband Threat & Opportunity

Our Data

Dedicated and Detailed



Our Data from Census Block to Nation

  • The newest FCC Fixed and Mobile Broadband deployment results!
  • Timely updates every 6 months with history back to 2011
  • Every IP by technology and speed for consumers and business
  • Population, households, firms and employees passed
  • Rural/Urban areas and Congressional Districts

Network Technology

Know the Speeds and Technologies that Competitors Offer

FCC 477 Data

Cable Modem, Mobile, Fiber, Satellite, WISP Uniform Companies arranged by Industry Sector
Specify Any Consumer Speed Specify Any Business Speed
Consumer Business and Government


DSL, Cable, Fiber Enhanced Company Names
11 Download Speed Intervals 11 Upload Speed Intervals
Advertised Speeds Up & Down Typical Speeds Up & Down

Census Data

Population & Occupied Housing Homes Passed
Urban and Rural Areas City/Town Places and CDPs
CBSAs,  Counties, Metros Congressional Districts
American Indian Areas Square Miles

Regulatory and Business Metrics

Price Cap and Rate of Return NECA Study Areas
Voice: TDM, VoIP, Mobile Voice Providers
Estimated Business Locations Estimated Employees


CensusNBM Applications

CensusNBM empowers marketing executives and policymakers to quickly produce research.

Determine which competitive providers are in your market and what broadband speeds they offer. Then quantify the competitive threat.

Track how the broadband picture has changed since 2011 since we retain all of the history.

Identify Americans lacking sufficient broadband in Rural, Tribal Lands, Congressional District, State and Provider areas.

Evaluate potential broadband properties auctioned via Connect America Fund.

Quantify the business market size potential by firm and employee from block to nation for any provider in any geography.

Broadband Policy

Track Current Nation and Statewide Broadband Availability and Trends