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Telcodata, a trusted name in Telecom and Broadband consulting for over 30 Years!

Telcodata, Business Planning, Inc.’s telecom intelligence service, was founded by Arthur Menko in 1984.   For more than thirty years, executives and analysts around the world have come to rely on Telcodata for quality information and consulting services. 

Telcodata originally published periodic reports on Telco finance, market, infrastructure, and service quality topics with a companion database subscription services. Major telecom and cable providers, I/T vendors, policy makers, Wall Street analysts and management consulting firms have depended on our industry intelligence and analytics for insightful economic, regulatory and competitive market research. We’re known worldwide for Telecom Cost, CapEx, Reliability and Customer Care performance Benchmarking.

With knowledge of telecom carriers’ infrastructure and markets, Telcodata provides marketing and policy research to the largest telcos on competitive matters.  Our consultants produce expert testimony on telecom cost and competition issues before the FCC and State authorities.

Telcodata associates find the best secondary and customer data and apply rigorous quantitative methods to produce research results that work. Our team of industry, academic and data scientists are skilled in quantitative analysis across economic, marketing and forecasting areas. We developed CALMS, a modeling system used by Carriers and Regulators to quantify telecom and broadband demand and market share for local residential and business markets, at the wire center, census block group, metro and National levels.

CensusNBM is our premiere National Broadband Deployment web-based service that monitors the Broadband Gap and facilitates the identification of competitive  carriers, the size of their markets, the broadband technologies and speeds they offer and which competitors overlap their footprint.

Re-Port Card is our leading edge service that’s first to report the competitive voice switching behavior in the US and Canada for both Wireless and Fixed Carriers for Telecom and Cable Providers as well as Wall Street analysts.